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Judy to Petey

Second Chances is the thirteenth episode in Season 3 of K.C. Undercover and the sixty-fourth overall. It first aired on January 15, 2018 to 1.09 million viewers.[1]


K.C. realizes she misses Darien and goes to tell him, but he reveals he has a new girlfriend. K.C. lies and says she has a boyfriend and the two agree to go on a double date.[2]

Full Plot

K.C. and Marisa are sitting at a lunch table. Marisa is talking about why she always carries a backup-backup lip gloss, although K.C. is focusing on Darien sitting at another table, barely listening to Marisa. K.C. tells her that on her last mission, she was so close to dying, it made her realize she's missing Darien in her life. She tells her that she still have feelings for him.

K.C. walks over to Darien and tries to talk with him. The conversation was awkward for both, and K.C. arranges a double date with him, except she lied to him as she didn't have a boyfriend to go with.

Kira and Judy are sitting at home in the couch. The doorbell rings, and Kira tells Judy to get the door. Judy gets the door, and sees Petey. As usual, she did not greet him kindly. Petey tells her that he wants her to be his assistent. She refused. Kira sees that Judy was not polite against Petey, and demands her to apologize and to be his assistent.

It's late. K.C. tries to sneak out in a dress from the backyard, but Kira is sitting outside, and quickly sees her. K.C. tells her she has a date with Darien. Despite that Kira had previously told K.C. to not go out with Darien, she let her go.

Darien and Bianca arrive at the bowling center. K.C. said hi to Bianca, and introduced Trey Appleton Jr.

While getting shoes on, Darien asks where Trey goes to school. K.C. tries to answer, but Trey interrupts her, and says American Universty. K.C. then looks annoyed at Trey.

At the Cooper House, K.C. tells Marisa how Bianca is the nicest girl she has ever met, and that she wants to get rid of her. Marisa initially thought she meant completely get rid of her, but K.C. then told her she just wanted Bianca and Darien to break up. She then accepts. They talk about how they need to find someone new for Bianca. Then Ernie walks into the room, asking for his cream box. And K.C. says that it should be him.

At school, Petey walks into a room, with Judy lying in a magician's box. She tells him to grab the saw next to her, and split her in half. He said he was afraid to hurt her, but Judy tells her to do it. Petey grabbed the saw, and sawed Judy in half. After a small discussion, Petey gets sad due to something Judy said, and left the room while Judy was still lying in the magician's box in to halfs.

Back at the Cooper House, K.C. and Marisa are discussing how to hook up Ernie with Bianca. Marisa tells K.C. that Ernie would have to save Bianca's life to get to her heart, which K.C. realized was a good idea. Marisa gives K.C. examples of ideas for Ernie to save Bianca, although none of them were good.

Downstairs, K.C. tells Ernie about the plan, but he said no quickly. K.C. then gave him some confidence serum.

At school, Judy enters the room from before, expectiong to see Petey, although Diane is in the room too. He tells her that she is replaced with Diane. She then leaves the room after getting upset.

K.C. and Marisa are sitting by a table at The Olive Pit, waiting for Ernie to walk inside the restaurant. Ernie finishes the bottle of confidence serum, and walks over to Bianca. After multiple pickup lines, she refused him, and he walked over to another girl by the next table, telling her more pickup lines. He then gets diarrhea, and heads to the bathroom. K.C. and Marisa sit by their table disappointed. Trey Appleton Jr then walks into the restaurant, and says hi to Bianca. K.C. and Marisa sit at their table surprised.

At The Organization, K.C. walks into Howard Morris' office, and asks him what he did last night. He said he was home, but K.C. told him he saw him with Bianca. He then revealed that they are dating.

Back at the school, Diane and Petey are perfoming their show. Judy interrupted their perfomance. Petey told her to not interrupt the show, just because she is jealous. She tries to say something, but takes a look around, changes her mind, and says she is jealous. She then says that he is her best friend, and wants to be sawed in half, instead of Diane. Petey then replaced Diane with Judy.

It's lunch break, and Darien is sitting at a lunch table with his friends when K.C. walked in. She tells him they need to have a talk. He said it is not a good time, but she forces him to another table. Darien tells her he doesn't want to talk, and was about to leave, when K.C. admitted Trey was not actually her boyfriend. Then Darien admits Bianca wasn't his girlfriend either. Then they agreed to become friends again.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Naomi Grace as Bianca

Absent Cast


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  • Zendaya co-wrote the story for this episode.
  • The original title for this episode was "Three's a Crowd."
  • Thirteenth time Craig is absent.
  • On the day it premiered, WATCH Disney Channel had accidentally mistitled the episode "Secret of the Sun Drop", when that title actually belonged to an episode from Tangled: The Series.
  • Howard returned as Trey Appleton Jr., K.C.'s fake boyfriend.
  • This episode was the final appearance of Petey Goldfeder and Diane.


K.C. Hey! Darien. What's up? It's been a while since we talked, you know?
Darien Probably because you told me you didn't want to talk to me anymore... while I was laying in a hospital bed... with broken ribs, then a broken heart.

K.C. Oh, look at us. Reminiscing about old times.

(doorbell rings)
Kira Judy, get the door.
Judy Why me?

Kira Because you're a machine and a child. Double whammy. Get the door.

K.C. The whole thing was awkward and just horrible, and the worst part is Bianca might be the nicest girl I've ever met in my entire life. I've gotta get rid of her.
Marisa Uh, okay, K.C., I realize that is acceptable in the spy world, but here on Planet Normal People that will get you 15 to life.
Marisa Marisa, I don't mean like "get rid of her" get rid of her. I mean... you know... get them to break up!

Marisa Me-ow!
What's wrong? Did you hit your head when you fell out of heaven? Because, baby, you're an angel.
Ernie to Bianca
Well, hello, there. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because, baby, I am feeling the connection. Uh-oh. Now I'm feeling the diarrhea.
Ernie to Café Guest


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