Earl Cooper (also known as Poppa Earl) is a recurring character in K.C. Undercover. He is Craig's father and a doctor. Earl doesn't like that Craig is a accountant. Earl eventually found out about that his son and the rest of the family are spies and also found out that Judy is an android, then he apologized to Craig and saying that he was proud of him. But, he got memory sprayed and continued to be critical of his son. Craig doesn't care anymore about that and says that he loves him. However, since he has found happiness with his fiancé, Betty, Earl has come to appreciate and be more affectionate towards Craig.

He is portrayed by George Wallace.


Earl Cooper is a good person, but he didn't get along with his son, Craig in the first episode that he appears in. But, Earl reveals that he loved him ever since he was born and always has.


Season 1

Season 3


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