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Penelope Brustrom was a character who debuted in the episode, "Coopers Reactivated!". She and her husband, Graham Brustrom became the temporary "family" of Judy when the Coopers were kicked out of The Organization.


She along with her husband are agents of The Organization but they feel no need to help former agents that have been disgraced from The Organization and, along with her husband, felt they had no need to help the Coopers (K.C. got them kicked out in the previous episode) when The Jackal was after them.


She and her husband are both extremely snobbish and cared little to nothing for JUDY because she's "just a machine." Tired of her insist on helping the Coopers and her personality in general she reprogramed JUDY into an obedient drone named Sally. Later, when the Coopers got back into The Organization, Judy went back to them.


  • She has a british accent.

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