That's right, we're back baby!
—Pops to K.C.

Othello King is a character on K.C. Undercover. He is the grandfather of the K.C. and Ernie Cooper.

He is portrayed by Charles Robinson.


In the episode, Off the Grid K.C calls in Goose and Gander, which is the code name for Pops and Grandma. K.C. and Ernie's grandparents arrive to assist in rescuing Kira and Craig from Regina Honey.

In the episode, The Love Jinx, K.C. calls Othello to come so Craig can get his blessing to marry Kira. At the end of the episode, he is the one who marries Kira and Craig.

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Pops confronting Honey



Character History


Physical Appearance

He seems to be in his 70's and has grey hair and brown eyes. He is seen wearing spectacles, a blue shirt and dark blue cardigan. 


Gayle King

Grandma Gayle is Othello's wife.

K.C. Cooper

K.C. is Pops granddaughter. They do get along with each other most of the time.

Ernie Cooper

Ernie is Pops's grandson. They seem to not always agree with each other.

Judy Cooper

Judy is Pops's robotic granddaughter. It is unknown if Pops has actually met her.




  • His favorite spy cover name is "El Dorado" (Spanish for "the golden one").
  • His cane has a dart in it.
  • His cane can also expel a toxic gas.
  • He can't hear very well.


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