Memory Spray is a spy gadget that is used in K.C. Undercover.


The Memory Spray resembled a small spray bottle.


The Memory Spray bottle is design to contain and admit a liquid spray in which the user can successfully erase the last six hours of the subject mind, which also caused the subject to sleep.

People who were sprayed

  • Ernie Cooper
    • Pilot : After discovering K.C, Kira and Craig were spies, his memory was erased to protect him and his family.
    • My Sister from Another Mother... Board : After learning his family were spies, Craig erased his memory once again, but not before telling Ernie about his allergic reaction to seafood.
    • Keep on Truckin': Ernie was memory sprayed twice in this episode when he found out that Marisa was helping Brady. Brady sprayed him at school and when he returned home he was memory sprayed by Marisa.
  • Marisa Miller
    • Photo Bombed : After seeing K.C. in action Marisa is told to have her memory erased due to the rules of the organization, only to have K.C. switch it so now Marisa is aware of K.C's double life.
    • Runaway Robot pt 1 : Marisa used the spray numerous time on her boss when she got a job at the frozen yogurt shop, where she erased her memory to keep her job, only to accidentally erase her own memory when it jammed.
  • Mrs. Vandervoort
    • K.C. and the Vanishing Lady : Although not seen, Mrs. Vandervoort's memory was erased after K.C and her family saved her from her daughter and grandson, who tried to throw her to the lake after it was discovered that she planned to leave her money to her dogs instead of her own daughter.
  • Bob
    • Runaway Robot : Bob was sprayed Numerous time by Marisa when she kept messing up at the fro yo place, such as forgetting to lock the door after closing, coming late from her break and doing the five second rule.
  • Mrs. Goldfeder
    • "The Get Along Vault: Marisa used the spray on Mrs. Goldfeder to erase the things Marisa did for her birthday, such as giving her a pedicure and filing her corns, and when she accidentally ate candy that Marisa was told by K.C. were bombs, only to be told they weren't.

  • Earl Cooper
    • Twas the Fight Before Christmas : After discovering his son Craig is a spy, Earl had his memory erased just before he would make peace for his son after being lied to all these years.

In K.C. Undercover: The Final Chapter after K.C. told everyone at her graduation she was a spy everyone was memory sprayed excluding The Cooper Family and Marisa.


  • According to Craig, if anyone knows the Cooper's secret of being spies, they would have to kill them, and the memory spray is a Plan 'A' as the killing is Plan 'B'.