Don't get all up on my grill again.
—Judy to K.C.
Set in year 2022-2025

Judy Cooper is the 10-year-old robotic daughter and recent addition to the Cooper Family. She is one of the main characters in K.C Undercover. She is programmed to help on missions.


Judy is a sarcastic humanoid robot posing as a cute 10 year old girl. She lives with the Coopers and passes off as the youngest daughter. In reality, she is there to help them with spy missions. Some of Judy's special abilities are super strength, eye lasers, arm stretch, super jump, fire cannon, ice breath, super kick, drill set, and death beam. One of her quotes is "Don't get all up in my grill again".


Judy is sarcastic, precocious, and sass. She is also funny at times. At first she had no feelings for her new family, but when K.C gets in big trouble for failing a mission Judy is supposed to tell but pretends to have a 'glitch' to save K.C. She starts to have feelings for her family later on in the episode.

Character History

In "My Sister from Another Mother... Board" Judy shows up when K.C. convinces her parents that they should have another young spy on the team. She accompanies K.C. and Ernie on their mission to recruit Ernie to the Cooper Family spy team, but fails. She then tells the Agency what K.C. did wrong. When the agency shows up and interrogates her, she keeps malfunctioning to keep K.C. out of trouble.

Physical Appearance

Judy is a 10-year-old spy robot meant to look like a human. She often wears her hair in two afro puffs with two bows holding it up, thus dressing age appropriate for the character she portrays. Judy typically wears mismatched earrings.


K.C. Cooper

K.C. is Ernie and Judy's tomboyish sister. Judy tries to help K.C. out by pretending to 'glitch' when the spies are interrogating her about what happened during a mission when K.C. failed.

Kira Cooper

Kira is K.C., Ernie, and Judy's mother.

Craig Cooper

Craig is K.C., Ernie, and Judy's father. Although Judy is a robot, he treats Judy as a real daughter.

Ernie Cooper

Ernie is K.C. and Judy's nerdy brother. As Ernie is the "computer guy" of the group, he fixes Judy's glitches on occasion, usually due to the fact that he is the cause.

Other Relationships

Marisa Clark

Marisa thinks Judy is a pain in the butt to deal with. She states that she loves her but we don't know for sure if she was joking or being sarcastic.

Petey Goldfeder

Loud and annoying neighbor of the Cooper family. He has a crush on Judy, but was often turned down by her.



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