Jodie Goldfeder is a recurring character in K.C. Undercover. She is the mother of Petey Goldfeder.

Physical Appearance

She has blonde hair. She usually wears a sweater.


In Assignment: Get That Assignment!, she comes over the the Cooper House when Petey complains that he saw Judy Cooper with no head, same with Trudy. She claims the Petey watches too many TV shows and his brain isn't working.

In The Neighborhood Watchdogs, she asks Craig Cooper to start a neighborhood watch group as her house was robbed. She then joins K.C.'s watch group, pitted against Craig.

In The Get Along Vault, it is her birthday and invites Kira Cooper to her birthday dinner as her other friends are busy. Kira doesn't end up going as she has to save K.C. She later spends the night with Marisa Miller, and Marisa memory sprays her as she eats a Chocolate Bomb Bomb later revealed to not have caused any harm.

In The Truth Hurts, she comes over to the Cooper House to apologize to Judy Cooper and Ernie Cooper, as she claims Petey made up another story that they're spies, unbeknownst to her they are.

In K.C. Levels Up, she is heard screaming after Craig Cooper causes a tree to fall in their garden. She is mad with him in the Cooper House, but then Kira Cooper and Craig Cooper offer her a deal to stay at their house whilst her house is being repaired. She bunks in with K.C. and claimed that she bottles up her emotions at day and lets them out at night.

In Virtual Insanity, she only appears in an illusion. She is seen in the virtual reality game and fights K.C. in the Olive Pit.


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