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Jane Keller is an antagonist character who appeared in Season 2 of K.C. Undercover.


K.C. goes on an undercover mission as a volunteen to find out if there is something suspicious going on. Jane Keller is the head leader of the volunteens, Soon after K.C. joins the volunteens, she is influenced by Keller and starts to believe every word she says.

The volunteens are a group of people who want to change the world, so that dreams can become a reality.

Keller then sends her on a mission to capture Ambassador Rollin, the Monrovian Ambassador, who was being protected by K.C.'s father, Craig Cooper. K.C. completes the mission and brings the ambassador to Keller.

Keller asks for some privacy and it is later revealed that she had formed an alliance with the ambassador and she had ditched her plans of changing the world and with the ambassador's help plans to become rich and ditch the volunteens.

K.C. finds out their location at an auction in Monrovia and for once and for all, takes down Keller.



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