Gayle King is a character on K.C. Undercover. She is the grandmother of K.C. and Ernie Cooper, and the mother of Kira and Erica.

She is portrayed by Roz Ryan.[1]


She appeared in Off the Grid to help K.C. and Ernie stop Regina Honey from killing their parents. She appeared in K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter Part One where she was staying with the Coopers because Othello was out of town. She did appear in The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown telling K.C. and Ernie about the first black female spy.


Grandma Gayle is quite sassy. She doesn't let anyone or anything get in her way no matter what. She often forgets what she's talking about.

Character History


Physical Appearance

Grandma Gayle has black, curly hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. In The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown, she had brown hair with highlights.


K.C. Cooper

K.C. Is Grandma Gayle's granddaughter.

Ernie Cooper

Ernie is Grandma Gayle's grandson

Craig Cooper

Craig is Grandma Gayle's son-in-law.

Kira Cooper

Kira is Grandma Gayle's daughter.

Judy Cooper

Grandma Gayle knows about Judy being a robot and spent a while with her in "K.C. and Brett: The Final Chapter - Part 1".


Gayle: Back in my day, we used good old fashioned brain power! Wait, what were we talking about again?


  • According to Debutante Baller, Kira, Gayle, and Gayle's mother/K.C.'s great-grandma won the title of "Miss Debutante" when they were young.


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