It's time to bake the biscuits!
—Ernie's "catchphrase"

Ernest "Ernie" Cooper is the tritagonist in K.C. Undercover. He is Craig and Kira Cooper's son, K.C.'s younger brother and Judy's older brother.


He is mostly labeled as an outsider and a geek. He is also rather unlucky when it comes to romance, having only dated one girl before (Jolie). He is the computer genius in the Cooper family.


Computer Hacking

Ernie is a very skilled computer hacker and at hacking firewalls. He was able to hack into the close circuit camera system, hack into GPS systems and can get details about anyone.


Ernie is quite skilled at engineering, he was able to fix Judy when she was being controlled by a virus and helped Judy get her memory back in the Season 2 opener.


Ernie has some strength, he was able to lift Marisa and ran away when they were attacked with a laser gun from Ursula.


Ernie is an extremely lucky guy as he single handedly defeated a criminal on his own and stopped the coma of the president thanks to his luck and unintentionally ruining Richard Martin's shot.


Ernie is very good with chemistry as he was able to synthesize a truth serum & love serum that were very effective.

Physical Appearence

Ernie typically wears a casual shirt with denim jeans; he is not known for any sense of style nor fashion. He has silver circular glasses and crooked teeth.



  • "The biscuits are burning! The biscuits are burning!"
  • "Time to bake the biscuits!"
  • "I'm shot, man down, man down!"
  • "I wish I was treated like I was in the family!"
  • "What... is going on?!"


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