(Opens to Cooper's kitchen. Ernie, Judy, and Craig are eating breakfast, and Kira, who has frizzy hair and a bathrobe on, is holding a plate of eggs. K.C. walks in the room and holds her nose.)
K.C. Ugh! What is that smell?
Kira (Brings plate over to table) I made cheesy eggs.
K.C. Yeah, no, I think it's Ernie.
Ernie It's the weekend! Showing is optional.
K.C. No. No it's not.
(Suddenly, Agent Johnson and other spies come inside with laser guns.)
Johnson Agent Johnson from the Organization. Nobody move!
Craig Oh, is this about the pen I took from the office?
Johnson (handcuffs Kira) Kira Cooper, you're under arrest.
Kira Craig, give them back that pen!
Johnson It's not about the pen. You're under arrest for leveling our field office in Hong Kong.
Ernie We have an office in Hong Kong?
Judy Not anymore. Pay attention!
(Agent Johnson takes Kira out the door, as the other agents follow him.)
Craig Honey, don't worry! Everything will be alright!
(K.C. Undercover Title Theme plays. Scene returns to Cooper kitchen.)
K.C. There is no way Mom could do this to the Organization! She is the most loyal person in the world. For crying out loud, she still uses AOL!
Ernie What if she never comes home? Who's gonna take care of us?
K.C. Ernie, you've gotta pull it together. We're gonna get through this as a family.
Ernie You're right. We'll all pitch in. I'll... do what Mom would do.
Judy You're going to decimate a building?
K.C. Judy!
Judy What? I'm using humor to lighten the mood.
K.C. Don't bother, okay? Everything is gonna be just fine. I'm sure of it.
Craig (walks into the kitchen, hanging up from a phone call.) Things could not get any worse. They're calling her an enemy of the state, and they have tons of evidence.
K.C. (to Judy) Now would be a good time to lighten the mood.
Judy Knock knock.
K.C. Who's there?
Judy Five agents to arrest Kira Cooper. (The three stare at her) Too soon?
(Scene changes to Organization's Core. A security guard unlocks a large door for Agent Johnson, K.C. and Craig. The door opens to reveal Kira in a prison cell behind blue glass. The three enter.)
Kira What took you guys so long?
K.C. Uh, you're in a prison 40 stories underground and the elevator was broke.
Craig Wow, wow! My ears just popped! (laughs) Ooh, sorry, honey. Is there anything we can do for you?
Kira Well, some clean clothes and a hairbrush would be a good start... oh, and maybe if you have time, clear my name!
K.C. Mom, look. We know you didn't do this.
Kira I am being set up. I don't know by who or why, but I am.
Craig I know, honey. You were on that solo mission in Hawaii. I mean, it's not like you snuck out of your hotel, took Honolulu Air Flight 213 to Hong Kong that arrived at 6:14 AM, rented a car, scored some explosives on the black market, decimated a building, and made it all the way back to your hotel in Hawaii in time for breakfast... (laughs) ...did you?
Kira Take that back, or they will find me guilty... of killing my husband!
K.C. Look, Mom, we are not gonna rest until you are out of here, and the person who set you up is sitting in there instead.
Kira My attorney from the Organization, Maggie Summers, said that they're turning me over to the Hong Kong authorities in 72 hours.
Johnson (To K.C. and Craig) Time's up. Let's go. (Grabs their arms and takes them out.)
Kira Now, that doesn't give you a lot of time!