(Opens to Ernie in the spy van parked at the F Street Senior Center, talking to K.C. through a speaker.)
Ernie Okay, K.C. The smuggler we're looking for visits his grandfather at the senior center. He only comes once a week, so this is your only chance to get that tracker on him! Don't mess this up.

(through speaker) I know, okay? Ernie, will you stop reminding me? (stands up to show K.C. in an old man disguise) It's gettin' old. (fixes her shirt and glasses, and walks over to a couple playing a game of cards) Hey, how ya' doing? Bernie Berns here. Only two things visible from space, alright? The Great Wall of China, (points to the man) and that ugly shirt. Ay-ooo! You just got burned by Bernie Berns.

(K.C. walks up to another couple)
K.C. Ah, man. Look at these two. More wrinkles than a box of raisins. Ay-ooo! (laughs) Burned by the burnster.
(K.C. walks up to a group of old men and women)
K.C. Hey. Bernie Berns here. I used to be a nightclub comedian. You know what happened when I played Atlantic City? Everyone left and went to Vegas. Ay-ooo! (the group laughs) I just burned myself- nobody's off limits.
(K.C. Undercover Title Theme plays. Scene returns to the F Street Senior Center. The Target walks in.)
Target Hey, grandpa. (K.C. looks at the Target, and her spy glasses recognizes him as the target. Her phone rings, and she stands up and answers it.)
K.C. (quietly) Ernie, I've got eyes on the target. I'm gonna make contact and get the tracker on him. (walks over to Target and uses large arm motions) Hey, is that who I think it is? Ah... look at you! I remember when you were just a little whippersnapper. Now you're a big snapper, huh? What, you don't remember me? (Target shakes his head, but K.C. pretend to grab his nose) I got your nose, ah? Now you remember me? Give your uncle Bernie a hug-
Target (blocks K.C.) Y-You must think I'm someone else.