(Opens to the Cooper's house attic. K.C., Ernie, and Craig are standing around their pinball machine. The top screen turns into the Organization's Logo, a picture of a man with a yellow veil over his face, and words that say, "Operation: Protect the Prince.")
Craig Agents, this is Operation: Protect the Prince.
Ernie Ooh, I wonder what we're going to be doing. (Craig rolls his eyes as K.C. darts her eyes at Ernie.)
Craig (Presses a button on the pinball machine, and a map of Africa pops up. It shows a small country called Tanzaberia.) This is Tanzaberia.
K.C. Wow, Tanzaberia is Tanza-tiny.
Craig The country has been at war with Zambakia, it's neighbor to the south. But, young prince Promomomo, the acting ruler, has called a truce. (He presses another button to show a close up of the man with the yellow veil over his face.) His face has never been seen publicly for security reasons.
K.C. Security reasons, or insecurity reasons, because I've got a feeling that under that veil, homeboy's sporting one heck of a royal zit.
Craig (chuckles, and changes the screen back to normal) The Prince has agreed to sign a peace treaty with Zambakia, but his political enemies may try to stop him. That's why he'll be staying at the last place anyone would ever look for: our house.
K.C. Uh, wait a minute, with, uh, with Judy and Mom out on that mission, I have been the only girl at this house. Do you know how many socks I have picked up in the past 24 hours? I mean, seriously, how many feet can two guys have?
Ernie I am ashamed of you, K.C.! Worrying about yourself instead of the greater good!
Craig He'll be staying in your room, Ernie. (heads downstairs)
Ernie That's not fair! (Heads downstairs with K.C.) There's someone already sleeping in Ernie's room: Ernie! Where am I supposed to sleep?
Craig You'll be staying at the Tanzaberian Embassy. You're posing as a decoy prince until the treaty is signed.
Ernie Yes! I'm finally going to get the royal treatment I deserve.
K.C. Of course. All hail Prince Goes-To-The-Movies-Alone.
(Someone knocks on the door. Ernie opens the door, and Olu steps inside.)
Olu Greetings. (Ernie flinches back in surprise) I am Olu, the royal attache of Prince Promomomo of Tanzaberia.
(Promomomo walks in with the veil on his face.)
Craig (chuckles) Welcome to our home, Your Majesty.
K.C. (to Ernie) Man, this stinks! You get to vacation at an embassy, and I'm stuck here with this... (Olu lifts Promomomo's veil, which reveals a handsome and smiling man.) ...guy...(mouths) aye yai yai, wow!
Promomomo You must be Miss K.C. It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. (Lifts K.C.'s hand and kisses it.)
K.C. I know, Your Hello-ness. (Realizes what she just said and backs her hand away.)
(K.C. Undercover Title Theme plays. Scene changes to the Cooper's living room. K.C. is on the couch, while Craig is showing Promomomo around the house.)
Promomomo You have a beautiful home. (chuckles)
K.C. (to herself) Not as beautiful as your face.
Promomomo I beg your pardon?
K.C. Huh? What? Uh, nothing. (mumbles) I don't know what you're talking about.
Craig Prince, I'll show you to your room, which I'm happy to say is at the opposite end of the hall from K.C.'s. (Craig and Promomomo go upstairs. Marisa enters the front door, and sees Promomomo.)
Marisa Who's the hunka-hunka-hotness?
K.C. Oh, him? He's uh, just some foreign exchange student that's kinda staying with us for a while.
Marisa What, that you conveniently forgot to mention was coming? (whispers loudly) Oh, I bet this is spy stuff!
K.C. (whispers loudly) Yes it is. (normal voice) Okay, but you cannot tell a soul. Okay? Cross your heart, tell no lies, wear ugly shoes 'til the day you die.
Marisa (laughs) Like I'd ever wear ugly shoes.
K.C. Alright, Hunka-Hunka- your words, not mine- he's a prince, and he's hiding out here.
Marisa He's a prince and he's that cute? (sing-songy) Jackpot!
K.C. Enh, whatever. I hadn't really noticed. (plays with hair)
Marisa (gasps) You like him.
K.C. (scoffs) No, I don't.
Marisa Fine, then can I go out with him?
K.C. (answers quickly) Don't you dare! Okay, maybe I like him a little bit. (Marisa claps and giggles.)
(Scene changes to Tanzaberian Royal Embassy. Ernie is sitting on a throne, while Olu stands nearby.)
Ernie You know, Olu, I've sat on the throne many times before, but never in public. (laughs) By the way, you may want to spray some air freshener by the other throne. I had to give it two royal flushes.
Olu (laughs) Good one, Your Highness. (expression leaves his face)
Ernie (sighs, and sits sideways on the throne) I could get used to this. How long do you think it will last?
Olu Oh, I would say at least until the assassination attempt.
Ernie (sits up) I'm sorry, the assassa-what now?
(Scene changes to Cooper's kitchen. K.C. closes the curtains.)
Promomomo So, what are we doing today?
K.C. Well, my dad has a meeting with the Organization, I'm going to school, and you are going to stay here. Okay? Avoid the windows and do not answer the door.
Promomomo Ha! Change of plans! The prince wishes to attend public school.
K.C. Well, if the prince wishes to live, the prince will stick with the plan.
Promomomo (takes K.C.'s hands) Please, isn't there any way you can take me with you? Please?
K.C. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. I would love to spend the rest of my life with of my day, ta-take you to my school, I...I just cannot compromise your safety.
Promomomo (sighs) Well, I guess I will never know the joys of sitting in a real school, studying my favorite subject: math.
K.C. (turns around and mouths out) Math? He likes math! (normal voice) Math, you say? I kinda like math, too.
Promomomo (laughs) Education is very important to me. My platform as prince is to ensure that every girl in my country attends university!
K.C. That is a very sturdy platform.
Promomomo Smart girls make strong women. They're the key to success of any nation.
K.C. Preach! You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize it would almost be irresponsible of me to leave you here alone.
Promomomo I would be much safer with you. And I will not leave your side for one minute.
K.C. Sold. (Grabs Promomomo's hand and runs out the door.)
(Scene changes to Tanzaberian Embassy. Ernie is walking about the throne room, while Olu is still standing by.)
Olu Have a seat, Prince. Relax.
Ernie No way! A moving target is harder to hit.
Olu Did you learn that in spy training?
Ernie Nope. Dodgeball. (rubs belly) All this moving around is making me hungry.
(Olu claps, and two servants come in the throne room with platters of food.)
Ernie Ooh!
Olu Will this suffice?
Ernie Are you kidding? I'm going to stuff-ma'-fice. (Ernie takes two sandwiches and bites into them both.)
Olu I hope it's okay.
Ernie (with food in his mouth) Okay? This is amazing!
Olu I meant hopefully the food isn't poisoned.
(Ernie spits out the sandwiches, and looks for a napkin. When he fails, he rubs his tongue with his fingers. Scene changes to Cooper's front door. K.C. and Promomomo enter the gate.)
Promomomo I particularly enjoyed the whole bell-ringing ceremony they did in class which lead to the processional of students.
K.C. Well, actually, that was the fire drill, but you waving and greeting as they passed added a real touch of class.
Promomomo I must tell you, K.C., I truly loved spending time with you today.
K.C. Me too. (She and Promomomo enter the front door, to find Craig standing at the stairway.) Hey, daddy! How was your day? Have I told you lately how much I love you? (to Promomomo) And we thought you were going to get assassinated today. (holds up hands to try to hug Craig, but he refuses.)
Craig K.C. Coretta Scott Cooper! What was the assignment?