Candace Adams is the villain of Enemy of the State, she was a former apprentice of [[Kira Cooper]] and impersonated a high level lawyer. This led to her demise as she was arrested for her crimes of murder and treason to the USA.


Candace is super perky, as described by the Coopers. She appears to be optimistic and says the word "positive" a lot. She has a fierce side, as shown during the fight with K.C.

Candace can be unaware, since she didn't know that she confessed to her crime on tape.


Candace has shoulder length, curly blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears pink clothes a lot. Her face has a puckered appearance.


Candace impersonated Maggie.

Candace's name is from Candace Adams, the founder of Argentus PR.

This is most likely her last appearance on the show, due to being arrested by Agent Johnson.

Portrayed by: Arden Myrin.

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