Beverly is a spy and a member of The Organization. Though she seems to be a worker involved with headquarters such as giving missions or paperwork etc. She is good friends with the Cooper Family, though she and Kira don't get along.  

Beverly is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd.

Personality and Physicality

She is typically wearing a colored blazer or some official looking outfit. She has shoulder length, curled black hair with occasional dye. She has brown skin and brown eyes. She is typically wearing one piece of jewelry with high heels. She is short.

She is short tempered, and likes to get things done. She is often nagging the Coopers for something such as a report, or information about Brett. She does not like Brett Willis. She seems to be loyal to The Organization and doesn't let personal things obstruct duty. She is observant as shown with K.C.'s cookies.

Additional Information

She has one son and is married. She doesn't get along with her mother-in-law. She was suspicious of the Coopers about harbouring Brett. She assigned Craig and Ernie for a stakeout mission and pestered K.C. for her mission report. She turned of her gadgets. She has not yet appeared in Season 2 as of August 2016. She appears again in Season 3.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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