Bernice is recurring character in Season 1 and Season 3 in K.C. Undercover. She was a Usurper and agent of the The Other Side who had reconstructive plastic surgery that made her to look exactly like K.C. Cooper. She debuted in Double Crossed Part 2 to replace K.C. who had been imprisoned by Zane. She was later imprisoned by The Organization after K.C. escaped captivity.

Character History

In Cassandra Undercover, K.C. released her from The Organization's Prison so she can prove to Byron that he encountered "Cassandra", her "cousin". Bernice only agreed if K.C. would pay for her to get a new face afterwards. The ruse worked, though with high tension with Bernice taking pleasure in insulting K.C., who was “Cassandra” and Bernice was “K.C.”. Bernice escaped The Olive Pit by going through the window in the woman's bathroom after a fight with K.C. In K.C. Times Three, Bernice started to steal money from convenience stores to pay for her face surgery and in the process she purposely framed K.C. for those crimes. She got away with it until her surgery was stopped from happening because of Ernie and Judy defeating her in a fight at a hospital she was in. After that, Bernice is back at The Organization's Prison and K.C. is now cleared of all charges from the robberies.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • According to Zane in the episode Trust No One, Bernice is currently stuck looking exactly like K.C. as he easily got her confused with K.C. in that episode.
    • He had also been unaware of the fact that Bernice was still locked up in prison during the events of this episode as well.
  • She framed K.C. for robbing convenience stores.